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    Address:Feiyun Garden Village in Dongfeng mechanical inner,Ruian City,Zhejiang province



    Contact:Mr. Jin

    Mobile Phone:13738352168




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    Corporate Culture

    Powered by technology strives for the survival by the quality

    The development plan
    Professional intelligent packaging company with casting machine with high quality brand positioning for the enterprise, pay attention to the concept, service infinite in wenzhou as the center, business radiation throughout the domestic market,

    Set up "guangzhou hongtai intelligent" brand management. 
    Established long-term strategic cooperation partners, study the management of advanced enterprise culture, to build core competitiveness, self advantage of comprehensive, joint, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, mutual stability

    Novel design, scientific management, leading in the industry forefront, vision, enterprising, with new design concept, provided the machine quality, full service

    Read, quickly developed into a certain scale in the east China area and strong enterprise culture of the company.

    Enterprise idea
    The spirit of innovation, innovation is the requirement of this era, innovation is to break the inherent mode of thinking, but also important way to obtain the development space of.Advocating competition, the competition is the only way to enterprise survival and development of employees.Customer first, customer is the center of all our activities.We to the customer's requirements standard to judge our performance.Team - we believe that the important of collective coordination and communication, we value the company all staff unity and cooperation.Cooperation and development, cooperate with colleagues from all walks of life, rapid development in cooperation;Cooperate with the customers, continuously improve their technical level in service;Pay attention to the internal cooperation, emphasis on teamwork, mutual trust and effective communication.Enterprises and employees win-win strategy - to encourage the staff loyalty to the company's business, establish enterprise and employees win-win strategy.

    The company promises For each equipment, we are conscientious, strives for perfection, strive to be more perfect
    For each step, we are through professional technology to realize the highly integrated system, the best return on investment ratio For each customer, we have detailed understanding and analysis of different needs, at the same time of providing solutions from product compatibility, expansibility and sufficient technical support, etcConsider, to provide excellent solutions to meet the needs of customers...

    "The user first" is the company's consistent objective.Strict and effective pre-sales, after-sales service, is the assurance of guangzhou hongtai company confidence.


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