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    Address:Feiyun Garden Village in Dongfeng mechanical inner,Ruian City,Zhejiang province



    Contact:Mr. Jin

    Mobile Phone:13738352168




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    Product Name:Automatic packaging machine

    Ruian City Hongtai Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd is a collection of scientific research, scientific research of private enterprises in manufacturing, sales and service, our company has strong technical strength, advanced testing equipment, with professional quality, sincere service, praised by users at home and abroad.

    Our company has been committed to the development of packaging machinery manufacturing, disposable tableware automatic packaging machine, Straw company developed automatic packing machine, automatic packaging machine, medical supplies, disposable cup automatic packaging machine, auto parts, hardware, daily necessities, food packing machine and other products, with reliable quality and good corporate integrity to win at home and abroad the user's trust.

    The company's products are sold all over the country, and export to the United States, Brazil, the Middle East, Pakistan, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and other countries. Our company has three packages for the sale of packaging machinery products. The domestic users are free to install, debug, train operators and maintenance personnel, and provide lifelong services.


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