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  1. Serivce center
    Contact Us

    Address:Feiyun Garden Village in Dongfeng mechanical inner,Ruian City,Zhejiang province



    Contact:Mr. Jin

    Mobile Phone:13738352168




    Current location: home page >Serivce center
    Serivce center

    Service Centre

    Hongtai machinery holds dedicated, professional and responsible attitude, to provide perfect pre-sale, sale, customer service service for users

    Pre sales service

    Rigorous full pre communication guidance, put forward reasonable proposals, according to the different needs of each customer to develop appropriate solutions

    Sale service

    Strict training services, from the equipment installation, commissioning, equipment maintenance, etc. to provide a full range of training

    After-sale service

    Perfect after-sales service system, provide on-site service and 24 hours of telephone technical guidance and remote network guidance, real-time solution to your worries

    Service hotline: +86-0577-65012168


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